MediNewsDigest: This is encouraging news for people who have a hard time comtrolloing the lipid level in their blood.

Quoting European Journal of chemical nutrition EJCN:

“….After 6 weeks of  treatment [Omega-3 supplements and simvastatin ] , triglyceride levels decreased by 41.0% in the combination treatment group…”

Triglycerides are bad for your heart, and rank with high cholesterol as heart disease risk (mayoclinic)

Artery and Blood Platelets

MediNewsDigest: At MND, we love low risk, natural treatments, and we are cheering for Omega-3s.

Note The study does not specify  if  fish oils and vegetal omega-3s (flax seed) were used in the study: Here is a link comparing both, in a more general way, go to supplementquality 

Talk to your Doctor….

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