MediNewsDigest: Think that when you are buying those nice looking blueberries you are getting just the fruit and it’s antioxydants?  Think again.. Follow this link to Food production daily  Chemical coating treatment on the blueberry are in  the works to extend the shelflife.  

My blueberries...

This how  the article describes the coating:

“…Fresh blueberries were washed in chlorinated water prior to application with a range of edible coatings: Semperfresh (SF), acid-soluble chitosan, water-soluble chitosan, calcium caseinate (CC) and sodium alginate (SA). Semperfresh is a sucrose ester; chitosan is a derivative of chitin – a natural substance often found in the exoskeletons of insects and crustaceans, and alginate is a polysaccharide commonly found in the cell walls of brown algae..”.

So you would be coating my blueberries with “..exoskeletons of insects and crustaceans..”      Hmmmm…..

 MediNewsDigest: Since these coatings are not about pesticides, it is not clear that buying “organic” will spare you the coatings..

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