The journals “Nutrition” [1] and Anti Oxidant Redox [2] recently published articles on the benefits of CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) against Fibromyalgia (FM). The team of researchers is essentially the same in both articles: Cordero MD et al. 

What is CoQ10? CoQ10 is a quinone organic compound that  transfers electrons through Reduction/Oxidation chemical reactions (ReDox). It is an anti-oxidant because it readily looses one or more electrons in those reactions. Interestingly, vitamin K, another powerful anti-oxidant used for heart health, is also a quinone [3].

Results are claimed to be spectacular :

“…After treatment, all patients showed an important improvement in clinical symptoms in all evaluation methods.”

However the study was conducted on a very small scale: four to twenty  patients. We need much larger scale clinical trials to confirm the find.

The dose used in [2] was forty days of CoQ10 (300 mg/day). This is not a large dose, according to [4].

Additional inquiry on our part shows that the team also published on the connection FM with inflammation [5], What would be the mechanism?  Oxidative Stress would bring about Mitochondrial dysfunctions particularly in  muscle and brain tissue cells.

Mammalian Mitochondria

Mammalian Mitochondria


 Quoting “Expert Opinion” on Therapeutic Targets [6]: 

“…Mitochondrial dysfunction has been shown in leukocytes [white blood cells]  of CFS patients,  and in muscle cells of FM patients, which could explain the muscle pain”

Clearly, mitochondrion is so important for the health of so many cells that the path of action of Coq10, as it promotes cell health, will be difficult to track. But tracking or not , if clinical trials can shows it works….

If you are interested, The National Health Institute has a good entry on mitondrion [7]. CoQ10, as a powerful antioxidant has been also considered against Heart Disease [7], as we posted in 2012.   Mitochondrial function was also implicated in heart disease.

 NOTE: Talk to your Doctor about use and doses: CoQ10 can interact with blood thinners and blood pressure medications. It can also modify blood sugar levels.  So, if you are taking insulin, results could hard to predict. (LiveStrong)


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