No,  “48 New Multiple Sclerosis Genetic Variants Discovered” does necessarily mean that the likelihood for people to get Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is necessarily higher than previously thought.

The study involved  [1] found that with  “new findings, there are now 110 genetic variants associated with MS. Although each of these variants individually confers only a very small risk of developing multiple sclerosis, collectively they explain approximately 20 percent of the genetic component of the disease.”

Nice, but why should we care?

MS is a very complex disease, so the hope is to match new MS drugs with the genetical make up of the particular MS form of a the patient.

Keep in mind the the 110 variants are only 20%  of the expected total MS variant, so we still have ways to go!




  1. U. of Miami ; “Researchers Uncover 48 New Genetic Variants Associated with Multiple Sclerosis” ;Oct 2, 2013

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