MRI of Brain with MS

MRI of Brain with MS

 A new study published in the Journal of Neuroimmunology [1] purports that a combination of vitamin D and Calcitriol (a hormonal for of vitamin D) was effective against Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE), an Multiple Sclerosis (MS) model,. The times of India even claimed full remission in the mice…

We are talking about an MS model in mice, so the human benefits would need to be proven.  Still this is an astounding result. What is different from previous studies? Usually, was is shown is a correlation of MS and low levels of vitamin D… A study even showed higher levels of blood serum vitamin D when MS was treated with Interferon beta [2].

The benefits of vitamin D as a prevention or healing support for multiple sclerosis have been proved and disproved for 25 years now. But a demonstration of vitamin D and calcitriol as an MS  treatment would be a big step

 A closer look at  [1],  does not claim  full remission, but effectiveness when compared with an methylprednisolone treatment.

But this good news had some not so good news associated:

 “…Vitamin D3 alone was ineffective…”, only the combination vitamin D and calcitriol is.

So how would people, if clinical trials continue to show effectiveness, get calcitriol? It is a pharmaceutical product, Wikipedia has a good entry on calcitriol [4]

Calcitriol is a serious medication, with possible hypercalcemia as a possible side-effect. [2] calls it a biological sledge-hammer. We also wrote previously about aortic calcification, as also shown in [5]. There is also an interesting article in the Hindawi MS International about the difference between vitamin D3 an calcitriol [6]. Essentially calcitriol is produced from vitamin D after two hydroxylations. It is a process tightly controlled by the body.

This being said, most MS biological treatments also do carry substantial risks, but those risks are accepted because the disease is so serious.

Again, let us wait for well designed clinical trials


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