Yes, aromatherapy can affect your body in healing ways:

An article in Designs For Health [1], brought to my attention by Paul Vitiello,  includes numerous references to serious academic studies on the effect of aromatherapy on human physiology.

In particular, a study published by the Korean Society of Nursing Science [1] claims that aromatherapy benefits the cardiovascular system”… blood pressure, heart rate variability, aortic pulse wave velocity and the aortic augmentation...”; Korea seems at the forefront of taking aromatherapy seriously.

Healing Aromas

Other area of affect of aromatherapy are :

  • pain
  • Sleep
  • Depression

Lavender essential oil is one of the main essence studied.  An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants.(Wikipedia)

Seem worth to try



  1. Designs For Health ; “Smell, Psychology and Aromatherapy” ; Michael Fuhrman;  Aug 2012 ;
  2. Korean Society of Nursing Science ; “Effects of Aromatherapy on Changes in the Autonomic Nervous System, Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity and Aortic Augmentation Index in Patients with Essential Hypertension” ; Oct 2010

2 Comments for this entry

  • Pam says:

    I have Antiphospolipid Lupus Syndrome! Had blood clot to my portal vein and it killed several ft of intestines. Many more diseases fatty liver , pain, pain, and more pain. Fibromyalgia, depression. I am one that always has some type of oil or inscence burning . I am very interested in aromotheropy. Thank you Pam

    • Yves Eljas says:

      This first instance of documented aromatherapy is actually a Bible story: I do not know if this familiar to you, but one of Jacob’s son, Joseph, was sold into slavery. To ease the pain of his predicament, it so happened that the caravan of Arabs taking him tp Egypt was loaded with fragrant spices….

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