A new study by the University of British Columbia casts doubt on the benefits of the Interferon treatment against Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis

Here is the YouTube video from the press release

The video tries to mitigate the setback with warm fuzzy statements about future research, but the tone of the press release is that interferons beta are drugs in search of benefits for RRMS…


“This study …tends to confirm a more modern way of understanding MS: relapses may not be responsible for long term disability in all patients and another mechanism might be at work as well.”

The quote, however, also implies a threat to the efficacy of non-interferon drugs as well,  because if the relapses are less important than thought in the disability progression, and most RRMS drugs have relapse frequency as an important measure of efficacy, the emphasis should be put on disability level.

Because no MSer wants to “progress” to a wheelchair lifestyle, isn’t disability the core target?

Wow… Is it back to the drawing board?

Well, one study is just that, one study. But it carries a big warning sign for the patients who have to endure the drug’s side effects, and Pharma, who bet on them.

To be continued,

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  1. University of British Columbia ; “Widely prescribed MS treatment may not slow progression of disease: Vancouver Coastal Health and UBC Research” ; July 2012


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