This is June 2012… what new designs are  cooking or even available for the wheelchair community?

Here is our selection [truly, these are not paid advertisements..]


Manual Wheelchairs:

  • Nordigo system

Essentially, you row this wheel chair instead of spinning its wheels.

Easier? Possibly, but certainly uses a different set of arm muscles than your standard chair. As for all such systems, the handicapped individual’s personnal set of strengths and weaknesses will make this of that propulsion system appropriate.



  • The next item is a braking system for a manual chair. It was designed for Master’s Industrial Design project from Georgia Tech.

Ever been engaged in a downhill scary slope? This could be your ticket to more control for your manual chair. Unfortunately, it does seem commercially available yet…



Smart Power Wheelchairs:

  • A Segway chair for the adventurous: Note the encounter with a deer….


New technology cushion for power wheelchair:

  • The ComfortCompany has design a radically different type of air cushion: Instead of communicating air cells that are centrally pumped, the air in the comfort company design is contain in individual tetrahedrons, sealed, and replaced as needed



‘Till July….

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