High doses not better than low dose in vitamin D2 treatment of RRMS according to astudy published in Neurology[1].

“…No significant treatment differences were detected in the primary MRI endpoints.”

That begs the question: What is the efficiency of a low dose treatment? Low dose being usually understood as less than 800 IU/day.

Believe or not, a straight answer is elusive. Studies[2]  discussed their ability to raise the blood level of Vitamin D supplements to remedy the low level of serum vitamin D in the blood (25-hydroxy-vitamin D (25(OH)D), but few discussed what this remedy accomplishes in terms of slowing down Multiple Sclerosis..

We found a study that confirms expectations of vitamin d as a T-cell modulator. That could be good for any auto-immune disease, as  promised in an article of the British Journal of Pharamcology [4]:

“…Emerging evidence suggests that Vitamin D Receptors plays important roles in modulating cardiovascular, immunological, metabolic and other functions…”

However, the  efficacy of Vitamin D was further questioned in a study published in Neurology.org [5]

“…While the high-dose group did reach higher levels of vitamin D, there were no significant differences between the groups in regard to MRI changes…”

This raises further questions about healing a disease that destroys a nutrient through re-compensating to the nutrient loss.

Note that nobody talks about Vitamin D and progressive MS

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