This is good news for mothers of medium to large families. Quoting [1]

“..The study found that women who were pregnant two or more times had a quarter of the risk of developing MS symptoms and women who had five or more pregnancies had one-twentieth the risk of developing symptoms than women who were never pregnant…”

So the research on estriol [2],  is moving: “..The sex hormone estriol, released during pregnancy by the placenta, could be a powerful new treatment for multiple sclerosis…”

Note: Estriol (also oestriol) is one of the three main estrogens produced by the human body (Wikipedia) .

One can also observe that, since mothers of larger families tend to have their first pregnancy younger,  does estriol promise age independent protection/therapy; or does age has something to do with the issue.  Considering that MS evolves from inflammation phase to a neurodegenerative phase, with shades in between, the inflammation phase might be where estriol is more effective.

Note that the estriol study quoted is for the Relapsing Remitting type of MS (RRMS). Since RRMS is followed by Secondary Progressive MS (SPMS ) in 50% of cases [3], that would not bode well for the efficacy of estriol in SPMS

Makes sense? We shall see.

Also estriol is an estrogen, and as such has some cancer concerns, see how the researcher, Dr. Voskuhl, phrases  it:

“… Unlike estradiol-another form of estrogen-estriol does not cause breast cancer. It can cause endometrial cancer, but that risk is very low if you take progesterone with it, which is how we are using it…”


Research on estriol as an MS treatment has been going on for a while. 2002 , as a matter of fact  See our ref  [4]. Why did it resurface now?

Talk to your Doctor


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