An entry to in the AARP [1] and a post in the Facebook’s group “Living with Multiple Sclerosis Worldwide” got our attention.

It’s about the  painkiller in development called Zohydro. In a nutshell, this drug would contain highly addictive painkiller hydrocodone. Zohydro is manufactured by Zogenix, from San Diego, CA

Painkillers' dilemma: Relief or Addiction?

The Media are up in arms and warning about the risk of abuse.Quoting the AARP:

“…Critics say they are troubled because of the dark side that has accompanied the boom in sales of narcotic painkillers: Murders, pharmacy robberies and millions of dollars lost by hospitals that must treat overdose victims..”

The AARP continues lamenting at the social cost of addiction, without too much empathy for the person in pain.

I am sorry, but the AARP’s position did not come out of the blue. It is in lockstep with the Obama administration and reflects the liberal left’s obsession with providing the nation with  cradle to grave nanny state supervision at the expense of individual civil liberties. Here the case is more obvious than ever…

Paraphrasing the liberal Government’s voice: “We, the Government have the right, and duty to tell you what is good for you, whether you disagree or not,  to  weigh the possible social cost of your pain relief. And stop your pain induced screaming because, we, the state are more worried about the politically correct common good than about your pain, or individual rights.

Follow the link [1] of the AARP It will provide you with the comments of patients on high pain outraged at the AARP for working diligently to deprive them from the relief they need.

Quoting two of them:

“…As a person dealing daily, if not hourly, severe pain due to severe spinal stinosis. If you take these medications from me and other like me, you are consigning us to excruciating  pain. Is that what you would wand for you, your mother, dad, etc?…”

“…As a chronic back pain sufferer, I am appalled that people would even think of depriving those of us with the need for these types of medications, because there are some who abuse them. I have been on opiates such as morphine, as well as Oxycontin and others. I have never, not one time in all these years have I abused them. Don’t punish those of us who use our medications properly, because of those who abuse it. They will find another avenue to satisfy their habit, and then we, the real need people, are screwed…

Do we need to say more?


[1]  AARP ; “New powerful painkiller has abuse experts worried” ;

[2] Zogenix ; Zohydro

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  • Leonard Wenston says:

    I found this article very helpful. I have suffered chronic severe pain for a number of years. I was totally incapacitated by this until I was referred to the Pain Management Clinic at a fine medical center. The combination of medications tailored to my situation, radio frequency lesioning, staff support, physical therapy with a therapist that understands my situation and pool therapy in a warm pool have allowed me to return to a almost normal life. Of course I still have limitations, but I have been given an arsenal of strategies to treat my pain as it changes throughout the days and months of my life. I have been able to return to my life, and my career as a professional artist, and can now go shopping and walking and do most of the things, within limits, that were impossible before. It is vital for me to “work” the program set up for me. Best of all the joy has returned to my life.
    Leonard Wenston

  • susan tw says:

    Both my husband & I face the posskbility of lives in pain. I am challenged by fibromyalgia (yes it is real), spondolytis, 4 bulging didcs (l4-5, l5-6, and so on).with an allergy to NSAIDs Hubby has post chemo lower back pain, joint pain, the usual painful neuropathy, bulging discs…collateral damage from chemo. for no obvious valid reason, so we are told.. we fear 2012 changes may well make relief from our individual pain via adequate & affordable, but immpossoblto obtain.

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