OK, we are nearing spring in the Norther Hemishere, but the Southern is going into winter… So we should  know that the Kiwi fruit is shown to have beneficial properties against upper respiratory infections, according to a study published in the journal of nutrition [1]

Two caveats

  • The study was done on participants over 65 years years old
  • Benefits were shown for upper tract respiratory infections, Influenza
  • The study was funded by a kiwi producer, Zespri from New Zealand


Tasty Kiwis Against Cold and Flu!

The study did not pinpoint exactly which ingredients in the Kiwi was resonsible for the benefits, but since compounds in their natural package are better absorbed than supplements [2], it matters little.



  1.  Cambridge Journal of Nutrition ; “gold kiwifruit reduces severity and duration of selected upper respiratory tract infection symptoms and increases plasma vitamin C concentration in healthy older adults “;
  2. Medical News Digest ; “Healing Antioxidants: From Food or Supplements? Part (II)” ; Feb 2012


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