As MarketWatch [1] and Decision Resources [2] have it:  “…Seventy-Four Percent of Surveyed U.S. Neurologists Indicate They Will Prescribe Biogen Idec’s BG-12 for the Treatment of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis..” We wrote about BG-12 in a recent post [3]. Clearly, the drug had “…high efficacy and reasonable safety profile..”

How does BG-12 work? According to MedicalNewsToday (MNT) [4], “…BG-12 is the first compound that has been shown to activate a transcription pathway, which previous studies have shown defends against oxidative-stress induced neuronal death, protects the blood-brain barrier, and supports maintenance of myelin integrity in the central nervous system..”

In other words BG-12 compound enhances the body’s normal cellular protection pathways.

Progress in MS oral Drugs


74% is an enormous majority. Granted, this is just a survey by Decision Resources. But, according to MarketWatch, a DowJones company, Decision Resources carries some weight.

What would happen then to the other new MS medications?

  • Sanofi’s Aubagio,
  • Teva/Active Biotech’s oral laquinimod,
  • Genzyme/Sanofi/Bayer HealthCare’s intravenous anti-CD52 monoclonal antibody Lemtrada.

According to MarketWatch, the news about Gilenya is not that good: “….about one-third of Gilenya prescribers and one-quarter of payers believe Gilenya’s annual cost is commensurate with its clinical value…”

U.S. Physician & Payer Forum report shows U.S. neurologists prescribing those drugs substantially less frequently than BG-12

Interestingly, Ocrelizumab, which is also a promising drug [3], is not mentioned in the MarketWatch article.

So, the race for the second generation MS drugs is not over until the prescriptions are actually filled

This competition is actually very good news for the new MS patient.

Talk to your Doctor




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[2] Decision Resources ; “Multiple Sclerosis (Event Driven)

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  • TERRY HELLER says:

    HAVE IT?

    • MND says:

      From Biogen in 2010: “BG-12 received Fast Track designation in MS from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which may expedite U.S. regulatory review. Biogen Idec retains full worldwide commercial rights to BG-12.”
      From Biotech Health Care in winter 2011: “Biogen is expected to file for FDA approval of BG-12 before the end of this year”
      Still waiting…

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