MND: Should the government decide what medical treatment you are allowed to take?

This post is not part of Gov. Perry’s presidential campaign, but MSers and other people affected by hard to treat ailments owe him one. Gov. Perry attempt to maverick  a slow, federal bureaucracy determined by current law to keep off the market drugs with “unproven” track record. Who is the judge of the drug’s track record? A medical apparatus dedicated to rule what treatment a patient is allowed to take. For his own safety, of course.

There is no doubt that the government has a legitimate role in keeping charlatans from preying on the public. But there should be also no doubt that the patient as an informed citizen, should have the final say on their treatment. This blog is partially based on this idea: Inform the patient so that she can choose. Obviously we are not talking about situation with comatose patient. Even then, that is what living wills are for.

So much for my rant, let us look for the specifics of this story: Should a promising technique be shelved waiting for years of safety confirmation, or should the patient be informed by law of the risks informed? Should the medical administration be a “good counsel” or dictate to the patient what they are allowed to pursue?

To be sure, stem cell research is in it’s infancy, but this administration is more willing to contemplate authorizing quasi-assisted suicide under the palliative hospice umbrella, rather than allow a risky drug for a life seeker. What a paradox….

In the words of the San Antonio site, “…Perry this summer worked with his Houston doctor and a state legislator with multiple sclerosis to write legislation intended to commercialize the controversial therapy…” This after Gov. Perry undertook a similar stem cell treatment as part of back surgery.

You just have to Google “Perry  stem cells” to see the torrent of negavity poured on Perry for shorting the medical apparachiks…As background to this article, see our previous post [2]

Right or wrong, Mr. Big Government, let me decide, i am a grown up!!!!

Note: This issue has all the colors of an explosive mixture of politics and medicine. See the strident attack of the Huffington Post [3]; A noted liberal news blog, very similar to the New York Times. Quoting the Huffington post, “…”…Texas Gov. Rick Perry went far outside mainstream medicine last month to treat his bad back — an irresponsible choice that endangered himself and anyone who might follow his lead…”


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