MND: We have previously posted on treating MS as a Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) disease [1]. What strikes about this theory is the “Us against Big Pharma”  tone prevalent on many forums or blogs. The tone leading to a CCSVI liberation” movement with believers and heretics…

Time to look at this in a scientific way, inasmuch as science can be void of politics. One need only to look at the global warming issues to see how science can lean here or there, depending on the credo of the believer or, if you prefer , on the political convictions of the protagonists…

So,this all started with the work of Dr Zamboni [2], claiming association beteeen MS and abnormal blood circulation in the brain. Since then , he pioneered an angioplasty  technique [3]. In angioplasty a specially designed balloon is run through the vein portion.   Since , then some other researcher have run dissenting studies. What prompted this post is a recent study conducted at the Veterans Administration [4] which clearly disagrees with Dr Zamboni.

Note our post on the relationship between MS and stroke [5]. Sure enough, here is the CCSVI defense is taking note, read the excellent [almost non-partisan..] post by no less than the liberationtreatmentCCSVI site.

Our precious brain

My personal, non MD opinion, is that MS, like many other serious diseases is complex, and we need time for the dust to settle, time that current MS patients do not have…..


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