MND: An study posted in nutraingredients [1] shows that an extract of broccoli has beneficial effects against prostate cancer in particular. The original paper appears in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research [2] .

When we hear extract, several questions pop-up:

  • What extract(s)?: Sulforaphane, which is one of the main phytochemicals
  • How concentrated? In other words, How many pounds of broccoli do you have to eat before reaching the threshold of efficacy….. We are still working on that one. Quoting [2], “….We observed that 15 μM [microgram/liter/molecular weight] of Sulforaphane (SFN) selectively destroyed cancer cells  but not the healthy cells…”

Waw! So, men,  one possibility is adding broccoli supplements to your diet, and many are jumping on this bandwagon. For example the Ray Sahelian Md blog.

MND: However, you can always  eat your Sulforaphane (SFNs) in its natural broccoli package in your table …That is is if you are ready to eat serious broccoli and not a token amount…

Where else than in broccoli can we find SFNs?  In cruciferous vegetables, such as

  • broccoli,
  • cauliflower,
  • and cabbage


We have posted previously on prostate cancer:

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[1]: Nutraingredients, Broccoli extract can ‘target’ cancer cells: Study”; Nathan Gray, 15-Jun-2011

[2] Molecular Nutrition and Food Research; “Differential effects of sulforaphane on histone deacetylases, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in normal prostate cells versus hyperplastic and cancerous prostate cells”; Clarke, JD, Hsu A, Yu Z, Dashwood RH, Ho E


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