MND: The Canadian study shows extended-release dalfampridine (Empyra) had clinically observable benefits in helping MS patients in improving moving speed and gait

MND: Dalfampridine extended release (ER) 10 mg is an oral tablet form of the potassium (K+) channel-blocking compounded dalfampridine, also known as fampridine, and chemically 4-aminopyridine or 4-AP. Fampridine  received regulatory approval in the United States for the treatment of walking in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) in January 2010. benefits of Dalfamridine over fampride are  not clear.

MND: Medscape today has  discussion on the FDA approval of Fampridine. It is not miracle drug.

  • Benefits:”…’you have a 1 in 3 chance of improving your walking speed by 30%,’ or if I said, ‘well, some respond and some don’t, and the average improvement is a 21% increase in walking speed,’ I think they’d all say yes,” Dr. Fountain said30% improvement in walking speed….
  • Risks on seizure and kidney insufficiency; as well as higher rates of balance disorders, insomnia, and dizziness.

MND: The FDA approved Dalfampride in Jan 2010. Click Here for link to that press release

MND: Talk to your Doctor, 20% speed increase vs. the side effects..  The main question in our eyes regarding slowing down the walking loss over time does not seem to have been studied yet.

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