MND: This post is about an article in “sciencedaily” on the extraordinary world of bacteria in our body:

Quoting:”…The human gut is filled with 100 trillion symbiotic bacteria — ten times more microbial cells than our own cells –..ten times more microbial cells than our own cells — representing close to one thousand different species.. How is that for an article opening!

MND: Sounds to me that after the oceans and their unknown species, our bodies could be the final frontier. The interest here is clear. If we our destiny is closely connected to Earth’s wellfare, certainly our bodies are closer to home.

In a Nutshell: Some bacteria are able the outwit our immmune system in order not to be attacked.  Ruse, Disguise Intrigue. Is there an intelligence at work? People marvel at school of dolphin maneuvering shoal  of fish-prey. Or wolves coordinating prey attack. What about the capability of the bacteria collective. Hmmm…

MND: So let us put our research money where our vital interest lies: Probiotics

MND:   Source:   Sciencedaily, April, 22, 2011

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