MND: The benefits of Resveratrol on the cardiovascular system have been evaluated by a Canadian study on pigs. The pigs were exposed to Environmental Tobacco Smoke ETS for 14-days. (Doesn’t sound that long)

MND: Then the following cardiovascular function were evaluated

  1. Endothelial function (flow-mediated dilation),
    1. The endothelium is the inner lining of our blood vessels.   From Wikipedia: “…Normal functions of endothelial cells include mediation of coagulation, platelet adhesion, immune function, control of volume and electrolyte content of the intravascular and extravascular spaces. Endothelial dysfunction can result from and/or contribute to several disease processes, as occurs in septic shock, hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia, diabetes as well from environmental factors, such as from smoking tobacco products and exposure to air pollution..”
  2. Left ventricular function (echocardiography)
  3. blood pressure (oscillometry)

MND: Only the left ventricular function of the exposed pigs was improved.

MND: The authors are not shy to extrapolate the results to humans.  “…..resveratrol exerted a positive effect on left ventricular function which may help explain the French paradox…”  Hmmm….



Red wine still life


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