MND: We have posted before on  plasmapheresis: Multiple Sclerosis:Blood Plasma Exchange [Plasmapheresis] Backed by AAN for Relapsing/Remitting MS “.   In plasmapheresis , the hope is  to “.. remove the circulating antibodies that are thought to be responsible for these diseases …” The above post quoted a very important paper on plasma exchange discussing how this was  used after an autologous hemopoietic stem cell transplantation (HCST ) transplantation which went wrong.

MND: Blood stem cell transplantation, HSCT to be precise is very different from plasmapheresis.  The purpose of HSCT is to introduce new stem cell in the blood of a patient. In stem cell transplantation,  the hope is to replace MS damaged  T cells by healthy ones .

MND:  Some success has been reported with HCST:

However, recent studies  shows mixed results

  • small scale study [Published in Journal Watch Neurology March 21, 2011] , : Click Here for link to article:

Quoting: “stem cell transplants as performed at this center do not appear to be a cure for MS, as only 25% of patients had stabilized after 15 years. Morbidity and mortality remain ongoing concerns,….”

Quoting:    “Our data parallel results from some of the clinical phase I/II studies showing continued clinical disease progression in multiple sclerosis patients with high expanded disability system scores despite autologous stem cell transplantation.

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