MND: Multiple Sclerosis progression can vary substantially for different patients. Four classes have bee generally agreed upon [wikipepdia]

  1. relapsing remitting,
    • “….unpredictable relapses followed by periods of months to years of relative quiet (remission) with no new signs of disease activity. Deficits suffered during attacks may either resolve or leave sequelae..] 
  2. secondary progressive,
    • “…progressive neurologic decline between acute attacks without any definite periods of remission…”  secondary progressive occur in 65% of patient starting with the relapsing remetting time after an average of 19 years, though
  3. primary progressive,
    • “…About 10-15% of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) present with gradually increasing neurological disability, a disorder known as primary-progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS)..’
  4. progressive relapsing.
    • “…steady neurologic decline but also suffer clear superimposed attacks…”


 MND:  We will present here a YouTube Video from the National MS Society about ways and approaches to cope with the  primary progressive, since many of it’s symptoms are similar to secondary progessive, which  will affect many MSers sooner or later

MND: An excellent video from real MS people: The message?   You still have some control over your life, use it or loose it….Keep healthy, and an eye on non-MS issues!



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  • Funky Mango says:

    Primary progressive is NOT the end point of secondary progressive. It is a distinct category, called “primary” because there is no relapsing-remitting period before the progressive stage.

  • THEO BAGOU says:


    When are they going to found a cure for PPMS, instead of spending money on wars and sillt things. I bet you if one of the governments wifes or kids get something major to them. They will act straight away. Email this to who ever you want.


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