SJCRG:Fibromyalgia is by all accounts a difficult syndrome to treat. Some drugs have come to market in recent years, but there is scant information regarding their effectiveness.

SJCRG: Here is a link to a study that does precisely that: “The Journal of Pain,”Systematic Review of the Comparative Effectiveness of Antiepileptic Drugs for Fibromyalgia“”

SJCRG: Quoting their main results:

“….pregabalin, 1 of gabapentin). Both drugs reduced mean pain scores more than placebo at a modest rate (pregabalin, 38% to 50%; gabapentin, 51%..”

SJCRG: Key word “modest”  None of these drug seem to have spectacular pain limiting effects. Like, say, taking away 90% pf you pain…

SJCRG: A note about major  pain control drugs

For comparison purposes , and to settles expectation of pain reduction , below  is a diagram illustrating  the efficacy of Fentanyl extracted from a report of the Alameda  County Public health dept. “Trial Study: The Prehospital Use of Fentanyl”

These are, however, situation of extreme pain,and Fentanyl or morphine are the heavy guns in pain control


Fentanyl Efficacy In Emergency Rooms (Alameda County Health Dept.)





You can see the pain scale dropping from approximately from 9 to 2 out of 10

So a reduction of pain by 30 to 50% is not large by any stretch. But this is a comaparison of pain reduction in accute situation where the patient is receiving a limited number of doses compared to the fibromylgia/chronic pain situation.

We plan to  provide a comparison of chronic pain drugs efficiency in an update post.

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