MND: Magnesium benefits are well known. A good site for background of magnesium is the Linus Pauling Institute.

Main Benefits:

  • Energy production
  • Synthesis of essential molecules
  • Structural roles
  • Ion transport across cell membranes and others

Nutraingredients has posted an article about research on Magnesium’s metabolic actions.Their  post  is based on an article in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”


“… dietary magnesium plays a beneficial role in the regulation of insulin and glucose homeostasis,” wrote researchers led by Simin Liu, MD, ScD, Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)…..”

As far as your genes, (hence the “nutrigenomics”)  : “…In terms of gene expression, 24 genes were up-regulated, and 36 genes were down-regulated in response to magnesium supplementation, they said. Amongst the down-regulated genes were ones linked to metabolic and inflammatory pathways, explained the researchers…”

MND: All good, but what does this “up regulation” or “down regulation” exactly do to you? We note that the Linus Pauling entry already the possible benefits of Magnesium in it’s “Diabetes mellitus” paragraph. So the AJCN article is proposing a mechanism.

MND: While we are on the topic of magnesium, note this FDA warning about certain stomach acid reducers (PPIs):

“Low magnesium levels can be associated with long-term use of Proton Pump Inhibitor drugs (PPIs)” Click Here for link. The FDA adds that in one quarter of the cases , Magnesium supplementation was not enogh and patients had to stop PPIs.

Remember the warnings in the Toxicity paragraph of the Linus Pauling entry we mentionneds above. particularly

“.. The Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) of the Institute of Medicine set the tolerable upper intake level (UL) for magnesium at 350 mg/day. This UL represents the highest level of daily supplemental magnesium intake likely to pose no risk of diarrhea or gastrointestinal disturbance in almost all individuals. The FNB cautions that individuals with renal impairment are at higher risk for adverse effects from excess supplemental magnesium intake….”

Talk to your clinical dietician and /or doctor

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