MND: The controversy rages on: Here is the full title of the article in Retrovirology : “Serologic and PCR testing of persons with chronic fatigue syndrome in the United States shows no association with xenotropic or polytropic murine leukemia virus-related viruses….we found no evidence of XMRV or MuLV in all 45 CFS cases and in the 42 persons without CFS…..”

MND: So what is it going to be? Here are some previous posts  posts linking retrovirusesand CFS

MND: So people afflicted with  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome might just have to wait until the dust settles.

MND: Notice, though how quickly and deep worries of blood supply contagion have spread by governments:

Slander, panic, or science?  Pretty much like the WHO H1N1 pandemic that neither was….




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