MND: Since many eating disorders have a component of  a self-acceptance and/or depression, mindfulness techniques seem to have potential to help controlling the disorder.

MND: So we found this article :”Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training for Treating Binge Eating Disorder: The Conceptual Foundation” published in  Eating Disorders , The Journal of Treatment & Prevention. Click Here for link to article

MND: Binge  Eating Disorder is marked by emotional, behavioral and physiological disregulation in relation to food intake and self-identity.  Training involves mindfulness meditation and guided mindfulness practices.

MND: Then again what is Mindfulness? Essential a meditative process initially part of Budhism, but incorporated in current psychology treatments. Click Here for    Wikipedia on mindfulness. From this Wikipedia, in their paragraph “Reception and criticism”, we can see how purists of the Budhist religious approach have qualms about the western academic adaptation. But the again, this is precisely what can make a lot of folks more confortable when embarking on this alternative treatment. Anotherreligion might not be what they bargained for…

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