MND: Vaccines had been accused to bring autism to children, an idea discredited now.Click Here for NYT article

Then, we recently brought to your attention the narcolepsy investigation they are subjected to currently.

MND: So this time, some vaccines are thought to bring a good side-effect to children: Lowering  risk of Leukemia    Click Here for article in Reuters.  More specifically: “… .Those born in counties with high use both of polio vaccines and of a vaccine series that included hepatitis B and polio, among other diseases, had 30 to 40 percent lower odds of getting acute lymphoblastic leukemia”

MND: The study focused on childhood cancer, that brings the obvious question until what age do they see a beneficial effect from the vaccinations?  To find an answer to the age question, one has to go to the original study the Reuters post is based on:  The journal of Pediatrics. Click Here for the article by the Texas medical team:

Quoting the JP: “…Texas Cancer Registry identified 2800 cases diagnosed from 1995 to 2006 who were (1) born in Texas and (2) diagnosed at ages 2 to 17 years..”  What would be the situation of vaccinated adults is not answered yet.


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