Quoting the abstract from ScienceTranslationalMedicine,Ref 1

“….The sensor telemetry system functioned continuously while implanted in subcutaneous tissues of two pigs for a total of 222 and 520 days, respectively, with each animal in both nondiabetic and diabetic states….”

MediNewsDigest: This is particularly important for cases requiring very frequent  monitoring of sugar levels, such as Diabetes type 1, but also sometomes in type 2.  This bring advanced diabetics closer to an artificial pancreas. That is the data collected from the implanted monitor would be transmitted to a closed loop insuline pump.

MediNewsDigest: Research Such a closed loop  insulin pump has also been reported in the   ScienceTranslationalMedicine, Ref 2

Since this devices are to be often  for lifetime use, should the safety aspect of wearing a wireless antennae be revisited? Issue-to-be, or not,  is probably heavily dependent on the wireless energies involved. Since the transmission would be for distances in the order of feet, energy is probably very low.

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