MND:What is Endotherapia??

MND’s In a Nutshell:

  • Endotherapia is the name of the  new  approach for treatment of chronic disease.


  •  It a proposed by a French team (  Institut pour le Développement de la Recherche en Pathologie Humaine et Thérapeutique (IDRPHT).   Here is a link to this Institute. Most of the info will be in French. use a google translator. This institute is  the brainchild of  Dr Michel  Geffard, an MD/PhD. Looks like a lone researcher on a holy grail, but then again…


  • Endotherapia bypasses  Pharma’s heavy guns/ heavy side effects quoting “… approach combines a biomedical evaluation of circulating immunoglobulins directed against specific self-antigens and self-antigens modified by free radicals….”. It feels like a sophisticated hybrid western medicine/natural medicine. 


  • At the institute site you will find testimonies as to the efficacy of the method. This makes us think of the Dr Zamboni’s travail for CCSVI, in terms of  having a core of believers….


  • Dr Geffard claims clinical trials were done, we were not able  to locate any. Until then..





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